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Fund Name   Description
Arts for the IE Fund Donate Established in 2022 to enable arts organizations to advocate locally and statewide, create partnerships with businesses and government to increase access to the arts for vulnerable and underserved populations, and build the capacity of cultural leadership in an equitable way
Inland Empire Black Equity Fund Donate Established in 2020 as a regional pooled fund to advance racial equity and combat anti-black racism and to support long-term investments in black-led organizations
Journalism and Media Fund Donate Established in 2022 to support local and regional journalism and media and build the pipeline of talent for the sector
Salton Sea Fund Donate Established in 2022 to support the social, economic, and environmental resilience of the Salton Sea and surrounding communities
The CIELO Fund for Latino Empowerment Donate Established in 2022 to empower the lives and futures of Latinos in the Inland Empire through community philanthropy, investment in educational excellence, leadership development, program and project support, and capacity building
Women's Giving Fund Donate Established in 2017 to educate women about philanthropy and to provide grants to nonprofit organizations in the Inland Empire that address critical quality of life issues for women
IECF Community Impact Fund Donate Established in 1955 to provide for the discretionary grants to agencies and organizations in the Inland Empire
The Here For Good Fund Donate Established in 1992 to provide annual support to The Foundation's Operating Fund
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